Exclusive discount for RankHolders & those who got 90+Marks in FM/COSTING in IPC. 

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Why StudyByTech?

Live Virtual Classroom

SBT is the only platform in India, Nepal and Middle East with the most comprehensive coverage of live virtual CA classrooms. With the most advanced technology used in the system, we allow you to pause, rewind and fast forward your live classes.

The platform allows you to raise questions and chat with the faculty just like you do in a classroom (in fact it is easier than that!).

Right now, this feature is in development stage and soon going to be launched.

Recorded Virtual Classes

Don’t fret if you missed the live session with your favourite faculty. All live classes are recorded and offered to our users. So, for all late night owls and early birds, we have got your back.

Recorded and Live classes are accessible on android devices (iOS version is in development stage).

Virtual assistant and reminders

Your virtual assistant custom generates reminders and notifications to keep the ball rolling. All latest information that you need about your course and your faculty is just a touch away.

Virtual Friends (and some real ones as well)

We don’t want you to study alone. Students often leverage our discussion forums to make friends, attend classes together, form study groups, discuss questions and sometimes drive their cars to meet each other in real life.

We live by the Sydney J Harris’ principle – “The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows” and we want you to see your virtual friends using those windows.

Introducing StudyByTech